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Transit solutions

With more than 7,000 electric-drive systems in the transit market all around the world, we are delivering environmentally-friendly, efficient electric solutions through superior systems integration with major bus manufacturers to meet the demands of transit agencies, government officials, and passengers.

Our series hybrid system

  • No mechanical link between the diesel engine and the axle
  • All power comes from the electric motor
  • Power flows in series from engine to generator to traction motor
  • Adaptable to all electric
Our series hybrid system

We support

  • 35' - 40' North American buses; 12 - 18m European buses
  • 60' articulated buses
  • Double deck buses
City bus diagram and rendering
Articulated bus diagram and rendering
Double decker bus diagram and rendering

Global integration

Our systems are available on market-leading bus manufacturers all across the globe. In North America, ElDorado, Gillig, New Flyer, and Nova Bus power their buses with BAE Systems propulsion and in Europe, Alexander Dennis Limited, Iveco, and Solaris offer our system on their buses.