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Series hybrid is fully electric. 100 percent of the traction power is delivered electrically via a direct drive electric motor powering the wheels of the bus. On a hybrid bus, we use an engine and generator to provide some of this power but the same drive-line components can be used to provide fully electric propulsion without the need for an engine.

We are actively working on fully electric vehicles (EV) with a number of city bus manufacturers in Europe and North America. We believe flexibility is a key driver in the transport requirements of modern cities. Full EV battery buses offer an important solution, but they require significant charging infrastructure investment, and they need scheduled down-time to charge their large batteries. While these buses can be used on certain routes, some routes are not well suited to battery buses. In these scenarios, battery dominant and/or plug-in hybrid can be used to bridge the gap.


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Virtual electric concept

Together with Alexander Dennis Ltd, we developed the “Virtual Electric” city bus concept. With a larger battery and the ability to charge through wireless induction, the bus retains the on-board generator for ultimate flexibility. The aim of the concept demonstration in London is to operate for 80% of the day in engine-off EV mode with zero tailpipe emissions.

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Full battery electric plug-in city bus

With major cities like Paris announcing that their fleets will be 100% green by 2025, we are working with Iveco Bus on a fully electric city bus concept. With no engine and plug-in charge, this solution offers zero tailpipe emissions while maintaining passenger capacity and operational range.

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Extended electric travel

We are working with North American bus manufacturers to provide extended electric travel through tunnels, such as Boston and Seattle. Our latest product, Series-ER, will allow buses to travel through a tunnel on all electric power and once outside the tunnel the bus batteries would be recharged by the on-board generator. There will be no need for this bus to find a location to stop and recharge.

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EV solution

North American EV solution with a U.S. bus manufacturer will provide all electric travel with a plug in charger system.

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Zero-Emission solutions

We work with partners of the American Fuel Cell Bus team to provide zero-emission solutions using hydrogen fuel cells to power transit. The American Fuel Cell Bus will be sending its vehicle to Altoona for testing in Spring of 2016 and will be delivering its 20th vehicle in 2017.