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Series-ER: Electric-range hybrid
Zero-emission travel where and when you need it

Electric without the worry

Using the same components from our Series-E hybrid-electric system, we have developed Series-ER to extend the electric travel time and distance without the worry of charging, without investing in non-standardized charging infrastructure, without taking power off the grid, and without decreasing the number of passengers on board when adding extra battery packs.

Series-ER components diagram
Series-ER components

Series-ER is more electric and practical

  • Series-E with a larger battery
  • Same proven drive components
  • Up to 35% daily EV miles
  • No range challenges – no charging infrastructure required
  • Operationally adaptable
  • One step closer to fully electric

Electric drive modes

Series-ER extends the electric driving range and provides electric operating modes such as:

  • Extended EV range: Driving on all-electric power in no- or low-emission areas can be programmed according to each transit agency’s specifications, to shut the engine off in a tunnel or other preferred areas.
  • Electric accessories: Our Accessory Power System options can power all conventional electric loads, such as cooling fans and pumps, plus all hybrid cooling systems.
  • Stop/start technology: With bus accessories powered by the Accessory Power Systems (APS), the engine can be shut off at stops to prevent idling and emissions. Our stop/start function can be programmed with a global positioning system to automatically shut down the engine at specified locations.
  • Depot drive: The engine can be shut down in specified locations to allow for electric drive mode in low- and no-emission areas, when traveling < 500 yards.