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Series-E: Electric power and propulsion

Zero-emission travel where and when you need it

Electric Drive

HybriDrive® Series-E may be called a hybrid drive system, but the fact is, it powers a bus completely electrically. Power from the on-board generator is either stored in the batteries or drawn to power the electric traction motor and ultimately the drive train - that's what makes HybriDrive Series-E the product of choice for transit agencies all over the world.

Electric without the worry

Series-E is transit’s smart electric, providing transit agencies with electric travel without worrying about stopping to charge, without investing in non-standardized charging infrastructure, without taking power off the grid, and without decreasing the number of passengers on board when adding extra battery packs.

Electric Drive modes

Series-E offers electric drive modes to give transit agencies options.

  • Depot mode – driving electric around depots or in sensitive areas
  • Stop/Start mode – anti-idling technology is available to allow passengers to board and disembark without the engine running, but allow the electric air conditioning to continue to run and keep the bus cool or keep the heat on if it’s cold outside
  • Silent Drive mode – Series-E will continue to offer more electric travel as the technology develops, talk to us about how far you need to drive on electric power

Series-E: Delivering Zero-emission travel where and when you need it!

Electric accessories powered

All bus accessories are powered using our Accessory Power System (APS2). The system is contained in one small package and supplies electric power to the air conditioner, cooling fan, air compressor pump, and air conditioning. The unit functions as an electronic alternator, completely replacing the conventional belt driven alternator.