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Military, truck, and rail solutions

Power management for military

BAE Systems provides reliable and efficient power electronic products and solutions including system integration, software development and management for both commercial and military applications. Designed and built to meet military specifications our proven components and subsystems provide innovative solutions to advance vehicle mobility, efficiency, and capabilities through innovative:

  • Power distribution
  • Power controls
  • Power management
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Overall vehicle health management


Parallel hybrid propulsion system

Parallel hybrid propulsion system components diagram
Parallel components

We deliver propulsion and power management performance with innovative electrification products and solutions that advance vehicle mobility, efficiency, and capability. We widely market HybriDrive® series propulsion to the transit market and have developed HybriDrive parallel propulsion specifically for truck vocations such as refuse, construction, and delivery.

HybriDrive Parallel systems use both simplified and proven components and controls. The system is based on a single electric machine integrated with the engine and the transmission and can be installed with minimal impact to the vehicle. Propulsion is enhanced through an optimized blending of power from a conventional power source and from the electrical power source. Our hybrid electric truck system’s energy management and control capabilities ensure all energy flow — such as propulsion and braking energy recuperation — occurs in the most efficient fashion, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

parallel hybrid propulsion system video
parallel hybrid propulsion system interactive demo
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Hybrid power management solutions for rail

Locomotive solutions

We offer power management capabilities and product solutions for the rail market. Our products provide hybrid power management for more than 8,000 hybrid locomotives in the U.S. alone.

Light rail

Our experience in power management has been helping urban transport with solutions for better fuel savings and decreased emissions for more than 20 years. Our hybrid train propulsion system incorporates efficient energy storage for optimal operation of the engine at constant speeds and load but also allows brake energy recovery for increased savings. To learn more about how our hybrid light rail systems can help your community, contact us.