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HybriGen® power and propulsion

Keeping our waterways clean is important to our health and environment. BAE Systems brings hybrid electric marine solutions to provide clean, quiet travel on boat tours and other passenger travel routes with its HybriGen® power and propulsion. HybriGen power uses proven technology developed for the rugged transit duty cycle and brings it to the water. 7,000 transit buses travel on HybriDrive powered buses and now vessels are using this technology to reap the benefits of fuel savings and: quiet, clean travel.

In October of 2014, the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Conn. launched the R/V Spirit of the Sound using BAE Systems’ technology. The system boasts quiet travel, providing marine student passengers with a positive learning experience. Not only is quiet travel conducive to learning, the cleaner, quieter travel supports marine life by minimizing the disruption of the waters with excess fuel and noise. Since the launch of this vessel, several other projects are underway.